Omnacortil 40 mg (10 pills)


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Omnacortil is a gastro-resistant tablet that contains an active ingredient. Omnacortil makes to decrease inflammation by acting within cells that can prevent from releasing a certain chemicals that are important to the immune system.

Omnacortil is made of Prednisolone which has a form of a tablet that varies from different weight of 5 mg, 40 mg, and 20 mg.

Omnacortil could help cure condition like severe allergic reactions, inflammation of the lungs disorders, inflammatory bowel, coeliac disease, liver inflammation, and inflammatory disorders of the kidney, inflammation in the lining of the abdomen caused by leakage of bile into the abdominal cavity, juvenile chronic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever with severe inflammation of the heart., rare condition involving inflammation in the walls of arteries, mixed tissue disease, sarccoidosis, inflammatory eye disorder like uveitis, sclertis, retinal vasculitis and glandular fever.

Omnacortil should have a prescription from the doctor before taking the drug. It is important that the medication should be followed on what the doctor has prescribed. If you are buying Omnacortil make sure you can see what is in the label for the dosage of the drug. This medication should not be chewed or broken, let your mouth absorbs or swallow the medication. This medication could be taken with or without food, with full cup of water.

Omnacortil is not advisable should not be taken for patients that are having allergic reactions to the medication. For some medical condition liver cirrhosis, peptic ulcer, liver failure, decreased in kidney function should not take this medication. For women that are pregnant and will be planning to get pregnant should not take the medication. For breast feeding mothers is not advisable to have Omnacortil that could affect the milk of the baby.

Omnacortil should have the doctor's prescription before taking the medication. They must inform the doctor if they are having allergic reaction from the medications. If they have medical condition like liver and kidney disorder should informed their doctor for the prescription of the drug. For women that are planning to be pregnant should ask the doctor for medical help if you're taking the drug.

Omnacortil may show some side effects some of these are raised blood sugar level, increased susceptibility to infections and increased severity of infections, menstrual disturbances, sodium and water retention, effects on the skin, such as skin thinning, impaired healing, acne, bruising, stretch marks, increased sweating, change in pigmentation, increased hair growth, muscle weakness or wasting, increased appetite, psychiatric reactions, such as mood changes and weight gain and increased of blood pressure. If these symptoms shows up ask for immediate help from doctor.

Omnacortil should be stored at room temperature and away from light and moisture. This must keep out of reach from the children and pets.