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  • Betnovate Ointment 0.1% (1 tube)


    Betnovate Ointment is an effective treatment for inflammatory skin disorders and is commonly used to treat conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. As it is used to treat these skin conditions and reduce symptoms like itching, irritation, burning and swelling, Betnovate Ointment can also be used to alleviate and provide relief of symptoms associated…

  • Betnovate Cream 0.1% (1 tube)


    Betnovate cream are used to treat a variety of inflammatory, allergic or itchy skin disorders such as Eczema of various types, skin inflammation or irritation, psoriasis, skin rash, itching, swelling, redness, thickened skin rash caused by excessive scratching to relieve itching , an eruption of hard nodules in the skin accompanied by intense itching, skin…

  • Betnovate Scalp Lotion 0.1% (1 bottle)


    Betnovate Scalp Lotion contains the active ingredient Betamethasone valerate, which is a type of medicine called topical corticosteroids used for reducing inflammation that may have been caused by an allergy or irritation. Inflammation is caused by a release of substances that are important to the immune system. This causes the blood vessels to widen, resulting…