Technichal information about Anadrol

  • Substance Overview: Oxymetholone, also known as Anadrol.
  • Chemical Signature: [2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5
  • Initial Producer: Syntex Corporation.
  • Recommended Dosage: 100 milligrams for efficacy.
  • Action Span: Active for less than 16 hours post-ingestion.
  • Detection Threshold: Traceable for up to eight weeks after usage.
  • Anabolic to Androgenic Proportion: 45:320.

What is Anadrol?

Athletes often refer to Oxymetholone as “A50” or “A-bombs.” Originally created to combat anemia, this steroid has proven beneficial for a variety of conditions that result in unwanted weight loss. It effectively boosts weight, enhances appetite, builds strength, and elevates the production of Red Blood Cells. However, like many steroids in the anabolic/androgenic category, its use comes with significant risks. It can suppress the body’s hormone production, such as testosterone, disrupt lipid levels in the blood, lead to fluid retention, trigger headaches, and is particularly known for its severe liver toxicity—it is, indeed, one of the most hepatotoxic steroids available. Interestingly, despite its capacity to increase appetite and promote weight gain as claimed by Syntex, its original developer, excessive intake can paradoxically reduce appetite.

Anadrol Adverse Reaction

Users often restrict Anadrol use to under six weeks due to these side effects, which are manageable but serious. Side effects like headaches, swelling, and hypertension persist throughout the duration of its use, despite not converting to estrogen or acting as a progestin, leaving some estrogen-like side effects unexplained. Some research indicates it may even affect the estrogen receptor indirectly. Lowered progesterone in female reproductive study cases points to its complex biological interactions, which some manage to alleviate with Letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor.
Despite the exaggerated claims about Anadrol’s liver toxicity, responsible use with close monitoring is generally safe, allowing for longer periods by some experienced users. Anadrol is a popular choice to kickstart muscle gains in steroid cycles but should be used with caution and preferably not with other 17aa steroids. Its notable effect on reducing SHBG levels suggests that it enhances the effectiveness of other steroids used in bulking, although its poor binding to the androgen receptor confirms its limited utility in cutting phases.

Anadrol Cycle Guidelines

An exploration into the usage of Anadrol presents a unique stance in steroid application. Most anabolic substances follow a dose-response curve that suggests higher doses lead to increased gains. Anadrol breaks from this pattern in that its effectiveness plateaus beyond a certain point.
Upon administrating 50 mg of Anadrol, users typically see substantial progress. Escalating the dose to 100 mg enhances outcomes further. Yet, research indicates that 100 mg per day is as beneficial for mass increase as a 150 mg dosage, but with fewer side reactions and reduced liver strain (4). The increment from 50 mg to 100 mg is a sensible escalation when weighing gains against side effects, but benefits do not proportionally increase with doses higher than 100 mg. A comparative analysis on strength impacts reveals that doubling the Anadrol dose nearly doubles strength enhancements. However, when assessing body composition changes, the gains in lean mass and fat reduction between the two dosages were significant but did not mirror the strength gain ratio.
The hypothesis here is that larger Anadrol doses may impair appetite and complicate consumption, along with potential increases in insulin resistance and glucose intolerance (5). This could affect the efficiency of nutrient uptake and possibly curb gains at doses above 100 mg/day. Anadrol’s influence on the body’s endocrine system is substantial, akin to most oral steroids, but less disruptive than many injectable forms, and its impact on lipid profiles is not as severe as with other anabolics.

Anadrol Use in Bodybuilding

In the realm of bodybuilding, Anadrol is often a topic of conversation, particularly regarding dosage. Medical references suggest a calculation based on body weight, with recommendations of 1-5 milligrams per kilogram. Upon reflection, bodybuilders might find such dosages excessive, given their substantial weight compared to non-athletes.
Regarding acquisition and variety, Anadrol circulates widely outside authorized pharmaceutical channels. It comes in various formats – capsules, tablets with some doses reaching 75 milligrams, liquids, and even transdermal applications. The cost fluctuates based on several elements such as the format of Anadrol purchased – with paper forms generally at the higher end of the spectrum and liquids at the lower end – and geographic location. Typically, a dose of 50 milligrams should not exceed a price range of $3 to $4.00.