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  • Diane 35 2 mg / 0.035 mg (21 pills)


    Diane 35 contains two active ingredients – synthetic Progestogen called Cyproterone Acetate and synthetic Oestrogen – Ethinyloestradiol. Diane 35 is low-dose monophasic combined oral hormonal contraceptive with antiandrogenic effects (estrogen anti-androgenic medicine). Diane 35 possesses two main effects: contraceptive and anti-androgenic effect.  Cyproterone acetate possesses the ability to bind to the receptors of the natural male…

  • Ginette-35 2 mg / 0.035 mg (21 pills)


    Ginette-35 containing the active ingredients Cyproterone Acetate and Ethinylestradiol is both an oestrogen and an anti-androgen type of medication. Ginette-35 can be used to treat severe acne in women who have not responded to well to oral antibiotics treatments and abnormal hair growth in women as a result of hirsutism. Women who are using the…