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  • Humulin N 100 iu (5 cartridges)


    Humulin N (NPH) is an injectable drug and containing Insulin Human Recombinant, a product which has a wide use in medicine, especially for glucose control in patients with diabetes. It was originally developed in the late 70’s and nowadays it is an intermediate-acting insulin product that is working more slowly and lasts longer than regular…

  • Humulin M 100 iu (5 cartridges)


    Humulin M is a drug, which contains adequate amount of premixed insulin. Premixed insulin is a composition of two types of insulin depending on their mode of action. One of them is known as the fast acting insulin or insulin regular and the other is an intermediate acting insulin or insulin NPH. Humulin M is…

  • Humulin R Cartridges 100 iu (5 cartridges)


    Humulin R is the brand name of a medicine that contains insulin regular (a short-acting form of insulin). Insulin is a hormone that's produced by the body in the pancreas. It works to lower levels of sugar in the blood. This prescription medicine is injected to improve blood sugar control in adults with diabetes. Humulin…